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Our Mission

“Our mission is to become the most recommended and leading provider of online discount coupons and promo codes”

Our Vision

“We have a mission to transform people’s perception of online shopping by giving a whole new meaning to discount coupons and codes.”

Our Values

Unlike others, we want to create amazing value for everyone. From customers to retailers, we strive to bring them what they exactly look for. For customers, there is nothing next to our discount coupons when it is about making big savings. On the other hand, everyday online retailers get hundreds and thousands of new customers who are ready to buy online.
Bringing unbelievable savings to the customers and skyrocketing profits to the sellers is a challenge for many but we have moved one step ahead of it. We have made things easier and convenient. Next to it, we add more value by ensuring additional benefits.
We are loved and trusted by millions of people all across all country. We have a firm belief in continuous improvement and for that, we have been consistent in conducting comprehensive market research and analysis. It not only allows us to gain an absolute advantage over others but gain useful industry insights. By doing this we add real value to what customers and sellers expect from us.

Our History

We started from nothing but an “idea” to add real value to the existing industry. It was the only inspiration that kept us motivated and made it possible for us to successfully become the most renowned name for discount coupons and deals.
Over the years, we have managed to develop a team of experienced and qualified minds, state-of-the-art systems and technologies, and a firm belief of our stakeholders. These and there are many other key elements that have continued to help us in bringing an unmatched value proposition with our online discount coupons and promo codes.
Today, we bring the highest discounts on most of the famous online stores. From hundreds of online retailers to thousands of daily visitors, has been constantly progressing towards its vision of transforming people’s perception by giving a new meaning to online shopping.
Within a very short span of time, we were able to rank on top of all and become a leading source for discount coupons. Believe it or not but we offer absolutely free online discount coupons. From those who want to save as much as they can to those do not want to waste any more time searching and looking for the best prices, is the ultimate destination. From clothing and accessories to office equipment and electronics, we appear on No.1.

Our Culture

We are a team of highly dedicated, experienced, and passionate industry leaders with an unmatched experience in our chosen field. What we do is almost impossible for others because keeping up the commitments along with day to day changing market dynamics, is not just daunting but hard to achieve.  And that’s exactly what we are really good at.
We make this happen by keeping up harmonious relations with our stakeholders and working hard day and night by adapting the latest industry trends. We believe in bringing helpful yet innovative developments that have continued to reshape the industry dynamics. For us, making people happy is something worth mentioning.
We have completely changed the perception of online buying for millions and now it is your turn. Look no further, browse our list of free online discount coupons and start saving today.

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Get Discounts on all Your Favorite Online Stores

It is one of core elements that set us apart from others. Majority of online shoppers in Singapore prefer when they want to save big money on their online shopping.
In addition, we have not only managed to offer discounts on most top-selling online stores but make sure to bring the best discount deals in Malaysia.

Top benefits of using our Discount Codes

There are a lot of benefits for using our coupon codes:

  • Our coupons are absolutely free
  • We offer the best online discounts in the region
  • Couponcodedirect Coupons are easy to remember and use
  • Highest discounts are offered to Customer on authentic brands
  • No verification of any sort is required at your end, our team of experts can do that for you

There is no limit on type of products and/ services you can get discount coupons on in Malaysia through We have partnered with almost all types of vendors, brands and service providers so that our customers can a few bucks on whatever they want to buy.

Our Most Popular Discount Deals in Singapore are on following categories:

  1. Mobiles, Tablets & Accessories Discount Coupons
  2. Discounts on Computers & Office Supplies
  3. TV, Home Appliances & Electronics Discount Deals
  4. Deals on Health & Beauty related services
  5. Discounts on Men and Women’s clothing, shoes and accessories
  6. Exclusive discounts on Fitness & Sports related items

Redeem a Coupon

Any coupon that is active on is very easy to redeem. You save a lot of money in just three simple steps.

  1. Find the best discount coupon on relevant services and copy it
  2. Go to the store you want to make a purchase on and add items to your cart
  3. Paste the coupon code in Promo Code field at checkout, and enjoy the savings

There is no upper limit on number of discounts one can avail using our discount codes. You can avail all the discounts mentioned on our website in one day, that too, FREE!

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